How susceptible are your employees to a phishing attack? How much information would they disclose?


One of the most important factors that sets us apart from our competition is that our simulated phishing attack assessments are completely managed by us. This allows us to design, deploy and then further develop a service that is completely specific to your needs and what we find in the course of running the program. 

From the capturing of your requirements and objectives, we’ll offer you a variety of scenarios and, once the action plan is agreed, we will do all of the hard work. Our in-house team handles the concept design, the technical configuration, the domain and the server management. All you need to agree with us is whom to email, what and when.

We have an extensive library of existing scenarios with which we can begin. Alternatively, if you already have something specific in mind, let us know and we’ll build it for you. It could be simulating an email from the IT department, mentioning an upcoming migration, or perhaps a more targeted request from the CEO.

You can be as specific as you like with your attacks and your assessment of them – tweaking wordings here and there if you want to, sending mail to different departments on different days, and then deciding whether to capture just people clicking, or to go for credentials and simulated downloads as well.

When your assessment launches, you’re able to watch in real time via our secure dashboard, which reveals how quickly the clicks occur, where they are and many more metrics. You’ll then be able to use this data not only to measure your current risk of phishing attacks, but also to change employee awareness, attitude and action, and to decrease risky behavior.


Training can be delivered immediately after an assessment, branded to your corporate requirements, and integrating with your processes where required. We can even integrate with your own training platform if you have one. 


  • Immediately, accurately and comprehensively measure your risk
  • Employee friendly, the service is designed to be realistic, but not cause panic
  • Fully managed service, imposing no burden on your IT infrastructure or staff



  • Infinitely flexible phishing campaign service
  • Choice of scenarios, designed specifically for you
  • Secure, in-house hosted data center
  • Flexible approach, with as many or as few iterations as appropriate
  • Simulate malicious susceptibility to clicking a phishing email 
  • Identify those who enter corporate credentials and passwords
  • Provide point-in-time training where appropriate
  • Data entry over HTTPS to provide end-to-end security
  • Executive reporting, with full breakdown