Online training sessions enhance knowledge and skills, but if employees have further questions, who better to ask than one our experienced security consultants, in a hands-on, tailored workshop session?


People learn differently – some like to read in their own time, and digest knowledge through their own research, whilst others prefer a more interactive approach.

The security workshops, provided by phishd and delivered by our own security consultants, not only train your employees in a non-technical, easy to understand way, but also bring additional benefits by addressing concerns there and then.

The workshop content itself can be completely tailored to your company’s requirements. If you have suffered a recent cyber-attack, or data breach, then analysing that scenario in detail, in person, and learning how to prevent it occurring in the future, adds far more value than a normal online session could hope to provide.

Delivering workshop sessions to key business departments can make the training more relevant, helping your employees to apply their knowledge directly to their way of working, thus making it far more effective.

The sessions themselves can be tailored to your preferred length of time, audience size and topics. We can even provide the learning piecemeal, through a series of sessions, to avoid overloading, or deliver it to a large number of employees, but in smaller group sizes.


  • Focussed sessions for particular departments or business units

  • Delivered by an experienced security consultant, drawing on real-world cases

  • Interactive sessions, rather than the traditional lecture format, involve and engage the audience



  • Teaches employees about data security issues and consequences
  • Can be tailored to groups of any size, from small departments in a meeting room, to an entire organization in an auditorium
  • The content can be adjusted to focus on particular areas of concern, or to cover data security and awareness in general, focusing on your employees' day-to-day tasks
  • Sessions generally last one hour, but can be custom-built to your requirements
  • Delivered on-site, saving your employees' travel and time out of office