Timing is critical. All of our assessments include point-in-time training, delivering the key message, at exactly the right moment. These interventions are reinforced through customized training materials, which give your employees the reference information they need, when they need it – and to keep for future reference.


Having something to refer back to is always useful when it comes to educating employees – especially during induction programs and regular employee security training sessions. Using our expert knowledge and experience, we can produce your employee security training documentation for you, branded to your guidelines.

 Training can be provided as part of every phishing assessment, but for other risk areas, such as weak passwords, physical security concerns, online foot-printing and more, training aids such as presentations, leaflets and booklets can be produced.

Our design team, working with our experienced consultants, will tailor the language used in individual materials depending on the specific audience, allowing the documentation to be as appropriate, and therefore as effective as possible.

Whether it’s advice on detecting phishing emails, or more in-depth guidance on how an attacker could use your data, we can provide customized security awareness materials.


  • Content provided from our expert consultants, leaders in their field

  • Real world case studies your employees can relate to

  • Branded materials you can use again and again



  • Tailored level of technical knowledge
  • Variable length and format based on your specifications
  • Incorporates corporate brand, colors, and type faces
  • Designed by our experienced, in-house design team
  • Available in a wide range of formats - PDF, PPT, Word, and more
  • Web-based courses available to employees
  • We can also offer recommendations for improvements to your current training programs