Consider social media, press releases and even your own corporate website - how much information is freely available about your employees and your infrastructure?


For targeted attacks against an organization, attackers often focus on one individual or department, using sophisticated, personalized information. We’re not just talking about using employee names here – just consider all of the information that has been published, either by you, the employee personally, or a third party.

The presence of your organization online can reveal its inner workings, even though you may not be aware of this. Identifying where risks exist allows behavior to be revised, security measures to be enhanced, and data protected against compromise.

When it comes to corporate social networking, LinkedIn is the most commonly used platform, not only to advertise an employee’s work history, but also their current position, job title, photograph and much more. All this data is invaluable to an attacker.

But it doesn’t just stop there – there are plenty of other sites that leverage information about your employees.

The extent to which your employees give away corporate information of this kind may be difficult to assess. And, as an organization, you cannot effectively protect against a risk if you don’t know the extent of the problem.

Our consultants syphon information from a wide range of sources to provide you with a full report on your online footprint.

Every report also includes our recommendations, specific to the various employee risks, based on our findings. These actions, when combined with our training programs, can raise awareness and decrease the chances of a successful intrusion occurring.


  • Measure how information is available online

  • Assess its likelihood of leading to a cyber-attack

  • Identify the need to revise corporate policies



  • Deliver full report on employee data online
  • Identify particular risky employees or departments
  • Identify potential attack vectors
  • Raise awareness of data publishing within your organization
  • Breakdown online visibility and action based findings
  • Provide corporate guidance, as well as personal advice for employees