A planned campaign of phishing assessments, much like a planned attack, is likely to have a greater effect on the target. Learning through repetition is key, and being able to spot repeated simulated phishing attacks greatly reduces the risk for your organization.


A campaign of phishing assessments not only allows you to measure results over time, but also to see the improvement and the change in susceptibility.

 With a campaign of phishing assessments, perhaps every quarter (or, if you want to keep the pressure on, every month), you can raise the bar each time, increasing the complexity and sophistication of the attacks. This approach helps employees to use the awareness and information they’ve learnt from previous assessments, and to deploy their new skills in questioning the legitimacy of suspicious emails.

Our design and technical teams are extremely experienced in using corporate branding, custom domain addresses and even falsifying email domains in phishing attacks, to make these appear as if they have originated from your own domain name.

Keeping this kind of exercise at the forefront of employees’ minds makes them think twice when real attacks occur: they instantly know what to do and how to react, rather than simply clicking a link.

 Over a number of phishing assessments, we can also identify repeat offenders, allowing you to support those a little more. The report we deliver at the end of each assessment details the changes in your risk profile in comparison with previous tests.


  • Repeated phishing assessments keep employees aware

  • Assessments show improvement over time and track the reduction in risk  (a one-time assessment is rarely enough to change behavior). 



  • Simulate malicious downloads or deliver a dummy payload
  • Measure susceptibility to clicking a phishing email
  • Increase difficulty over time to test knowledge and processes
  • Identify those who enter corporate credentials and passwords
  • Find repeat offenders and offer support
  • Provide point-in-time training, where appropriate
  • Deliver detailed executive reporting, offering comparison over time