Everything we do can be tailored to you

Unlike our competitors, we can also provide bespoke functionality and custom reporting, so that you can view your data in exactly the way that is most meaningful for you.


In the planning stage, we can create bespoke phishing attack simulations to meet your requirements


We’ll meet you to get a full understanding of your requirements, to discuss any questions you may have and to propose ways in which we should customize our approach to meet your specific challenges and phishing prevention objectives.

This could include bespoke simulated attacks, based on experiences you’ve had in the past, or a focus on particular organizational units that you have already identified as higher risk. 

  • Help & Advice
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    Our experience tells us what is likely to test your employees the best – in particular, which scenario and level of complexity for the audience or department you are looking to target.

Our approach to phishing prevention means that our consultants set up the simulated cyber-attacks.


Our consultants will set up the infrastructure for the campaign. There is no need to provision new servers at your end, and there is no extra burden on your IT department.

More often than not, we will customize the generic scenarios from our extensive portfolio to match your business, integrating your name and branding where appropriate.

Our large library of domain names and email addresses, paired with the scenario to target your employees, allows us to deliver a completely realistic simulated phishing attack.

We can even register new domains specific to your brand or company name to use in a phishing attack assessment if you wish.

  • Understanding your requirements
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    The very first stage is to find out what your aims are when it comes to simulated phishing attacks, including knowledge from any real attacks you may have had in the past.

  • Commercials
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    While assessments can be purchased on their own, we recommend a campaign of regular assessments, generally each quarter, to measurably improve your employee security.

We engage with employees in our approach to phishing preventation so they understand infosecurity


Upon the launch of a campaign, you’ll be able to monitor the results in real time.

Our secure dashboard allows you access to your campaigns, at any time, from anywhere, and you can watch as emails are opened, clicked and actioned. An array of charts, tabled data and Excel downloads allows easy digestion of all the data captured during an engagement. Tracking the numbers in comparison with previous campaigns can show improvements in awareness and changes in employee security behavior.

We can modify the campaign at any time to maximize its effectiveness to prevent phishing.

  • Engagement scope & frequency
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    With regular campaigns, we can ramp up the complexity or vary the scenario itself to keep employees on their toes.

  • Delivery style
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    Sending simulated messages all-at-once avoids internal communications affecting the outcome, or we can ‘drip feed’ the messages to your own custom timing.

  • Client requirements
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    While we have a library of scenarios we’ve built up, you can suggest ideas for something you’d like to see and our in-house design team will build it to your specifications.

  • Reporting & debriefs
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    Included with every assessment is a full report, giving you a breakdown of all the numbers; from clicks to credential captures, our reports are extensive.